5 Foods that Suppress Appetite: Weight-Loss


Everyone knows sugary foods promote fat accumulation; however, many people are surprised to learn they can also increase hunger by causing big insulin spikes. On the other hand, there are also foods that suppress appetite and aid weight-loss by affecting the brain and gut in positive ways. Before you head to the grocery store, learn how to stock your shelves with healthy, delicious snacks that will support your dieting efforts.

Sunflower seeds

Packed with nutrition, sunflower seeds help regulate the muscles and nerves. They also help prevent insulin spikes that can cause the body to store fat. Unfortunately, seeds are also high in calories. Don’t eat more than about one-quarter cup per serving, or you may end up gaining weight.

Whole-wheat pretzels

The best foods that suppress appetite have one thing in common: they are crunchy. Studies have shown that the act of chewing tends to curb cravings by making the brain feel more satisfied. Whole-wheat pretzels are crunchy and packed with fiber, which also helps to reduce cravings by promoting fullness. Just be sure to avoid white flour pretzels, which can cause insulin levels to spike.


Recent studies indicate that healthy gut flora may help people lose belly fat. Yogurt contains health bacteria that may enhance the body’s immune system and speed its metabolism. On the downside, many types of yogurt are sweetened with high amounts of sugar. For best results, eat low-sugar yogurt sweetened with fresh fruit.

Dark chocolate

You may have heard that chocolate makes you fat; however, a recent study showed that people who eat more dark chocolate actually have lower body mass indexes than people who don’t. Bear in mind that all chocolate isn’t the same. Milk chocolate is typically sweetened with lots of sugar, which makes it high in calories.

Smelly foods

Another recent study suggests that people who eat foods that have a rich aroma tend to have more success losing belly fat. Researchers believe that strong aromas may lead the brain to feel satisfied faster, which can reduce cravings and promote fullness. That said, not all smelly foods suppress appetite. To curb your appetite, avoid foods that have a high glycemic index and consider adding things, such as garlic and onions to everyday, healthy meals. Also, be sure to stop and take the time to smell your food instead of unconsciously wolfing it down.

By Jake Weathers (13 Posts)

Jake Weathers is KingofHowTo.com's weight-loss and bodybuilding expert.

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