High Protein, Low GI Diet Aids Weight Loss: Study

High protein, low-gi-diet

According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a high protein, low GI diet promotes better long-term weight loss in most people.

Conducted in Europe, the research demonstrated that dieters who ate lean meats, fibrous vegetables and whole grains tended to stay trim much longer than those who ate less meat and foods with high-glycemic-indexes.

An Effective, Healthy Strategy

When dieters attempt to drop unwanted fat, they tend to go on crash diets that cut calories substantially. Unfortunately, this can lead to all sorts of problems, including fatigue, nutritional deficiencies and muscle loss. Studies have shown that a high protein, low GI diet can help people lose fat without losing muscle in two ways: first, lean meats provide the building blocks that help maintain muscle mass; second, because they prevent insulin spikes and promote stomach satiety, fibrous foods tend to prevent the formation of new fat, while curbing hunger at the same time.

By eating these types of foods, people don’t only tend to experience successful weight loss; they usually are able to keep from gaining the weight back.

What to Eat

According to health and fitness expert, Paul A. Achoa, dieters should focus on lean meats instead of beef and pork.

“You don’t want to start eating a lot of fatty meats,” he said, “Instead, look for fish or lean chicken and turkey breast meat. If you don’t like meat, you can take a supplement; however, you should be aware of potential protein powder side-effects before you buy a particular product.”

Although it may sound limiting, Achoa says there are a variety of tasty foods that can be included in a high protein, low GI diet.

“Basically, anything that has a lot of fiber is going to have a low glycemic index, because the fiber slows down digestion,” he said. “So whole grain cereals are a good choice. Most types of vegetables and beans are also perfect. Additionally, dieters can enjoy nuts and seeds as long as they don’t overindulge.”

By Jake Weathers (13 Posts)

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