Kindle Books: Amazon Has Discounted a Big-time Thriller

Advertorial by Nathaniel Hutchinson

Famous for its many unannounced sales, Amazon has lived up to its reputation by offering a 50% discount on one of the year’s most anticipated thrillers.

Widely praised for its unique and suspenseful story, The Xactilias Project had already been one of the hottest sellers on Amazon. Now, it’s getting even more interest, thanks to the unannounced price reduction, which has sent countless readers scrambling to take advantage.

“This is a uniquely intriguing thriller with surprises around every corner,” says Sarah McDaniels of The Candid Book Review. “From the incredible opening line to the pulse-pounding finish, each chapter sucks readers deeper and deeper into a spell-binding world, filled with mystery, danger and one surprising revelation after another.”

The HBC Literary Review’s Ronald J. Bushwell agrees, calling the book a “thrilling, suspenseful and unforgettable.”

It all starts with Claire Foley, a fascinating genius who spends her days working in the safe confines of a university research facility. Somewhere in the shadows, a mysterious organization has watched her from afar. When the time is right, the organization begins manipulating Claire’s every move until she finds herself in their employ. That’s when things really get delightfully strange, and soon readers are turning pages feverishly to see if this compelling figure can use her incredible talents to escape her predicament.

“One of the great things about this book is its ability to merge great writing and literary merit with good old-fashioned commercial entertainment,” says Lois McGinty of The Best Books Journal. “Right now, I have The Xactilias Project at the top of my recommendation’s list, because it’s intelligent, a bit nerve-wracking and a whole lot of fun.”

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