How to Lose Arm Fat: Weight-loss


Contrary to popular belief, loose flesh around the triceps is no different than unwanted fatty tissue on other parts of the body. To lose it, you have to create a caloric deficiency based on more movement and more exercise. That said, there are a host of fad weight-loss products and videos that claim to show dieters how to lose arm fat. According to a recent study, these gimmicks don’t work. To get shapely arms, employ the following tactics and forget the expensive pills and products.

Study Exposes Fad Products as Ineffective

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that popular diets, nonprescription weight-loss pills and liquid diets offered no advantage to dieters. According to the researchers, when people try to lose weight, only 40 percent find success; and the vast majority slim down by eating better, eating less and exercising more often.

Targeting your Weight-loss?

Unfortunately, despite what some weight-loss companies say, when you’re trying to lose fat, you can’t target certain areas of your body. Crunches won’t make you lose fat on your stomach, and triceps extensions won’t help you reduce the size of your arms. Ultimately, when it comes to dropping unwanted weight, dieters are slaves to their genetics. If your body tends to hoard fat around the arms, midsection or thighs; these will probably be the hardest places to tighten.

With that said, to lose arm fat, you need to use the same strategies you would use to flatten your stomach or burn off saddlebags. Instead of trying to focus on your arms, cut your calories and do some aerobic exercise.

Tips and Tricks

To give yourself the best chance for success, you should eat low glycemic foods that won’t trigger big insulin spikes. Studies have shown that sugary foods tend to prompt the body to store fat; while high-protein and high-fiber foods tend to do the opposite. Eat a diet rich in high-fiber vegetables and whole grains and avoid simple carbohydrates.

Forget fad diet supplements, such as Lipozene and HydroxyCut, which may have unpleasant side-effects and don’t tend to promote long-term weight-loss. Instead, focus on eating foods that suppress appetite and avoid high-glycemic snacks that give you a quick rush of energy, only to leave you feelings tired and hungry shortly after.

By Paul A. Achoa (34 Posts)

Paul A. Achoa is's Editor and Health and Fitness expert.

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