How to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

Lean, muscular body (photo by Eduardo Mendes)

For many, weight-loss can be a frustrating endeavor, especially if they are trying to maintain muscle mass throughout the process. Recently, our in-house bodybuilding expert offered tips to help you lose fat without losing muscle.

Healthy Fat Loss

According to fitness expert, Jake Weathers, most diets tend to result in the wrong kind of weight-loss, especially when dieters try to rush the process.

“If you want to know how to lose fat without losing muscle, what you are really asking is, how can I lose weight in a healthy, practical way,” he said. “Many people have unrealistic goals when it comes to trimming their waistlines. Typically, if you are losing more than a single pound per week, you are probably going to be losing the wrong kind of weight.”

Weathers says impatience frequently tempts people into adopting unhealthy dieting strategies that starve their bodies.

“If you limit yourself to very few calories on a daily basis, you will lose weight,” he said. “Unfortunately, you are going to lose both fat and muscle. Usually, this results in an unattractive physique that appears wasted and unhealthy.

Toning without Losing Muscle

According to Weathers, you can maintain muscle mass by dieting in the proper manner.

“To encourage the body to burn the right tissue, you need to eat strategically,” he said. “This means eating every two to three hours to stimulate your metabolism. You should also eat plenty of fiber and lots of protein to reduce insulin spikes and support your muscle tissue.”

To lose fat, Weathers says dieters should avoid sugar and any foods that have a high glycemic index. That said, to drop weight without losing muscle mass, timing is everything.

“For best results, it’s important to exercise at the right times,” he said. “You can get great results by doing cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten anything. This causes the body to burn fat; then, you can eat a high-protein meal immediately afterward to prevent your body from burning the wrong type of tissue.”

By Ryan Lawrence (20 Posts)

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