How to Make Your Home Cooler

Every year, it seems new record highs are going on the books. Unfortunately, the relentless heat can send utility bills soaring, leaving many people forced to cut back on other necessities just so they can afford to pay their monthly cooling bills. If you’re interested in learning how to make your home cooler, our home improvement expert has some good advice.

Paint Your Home

According to our in-house home improvement expert, Jim Dugan, paint color can really make a difference in home energy efficiency.

“Most people tend to choose paint colors based on personal taste,” he said. “This may be alright for people who live in mild climates; however, it shouldn’t be your only consideration if you live in one of the hotter regions of the country.”

Dugan says light colors of paint tend to be the best choice for people who want to reduce their energy costs, because these colors reflect more sunlight.

“If your home is painted a dark color, it’s going to soak up a lot of heat,” he said. “This will make the interior much hotter, and your air conditioner is always going to be running. Invariably, lighter colors make your home cooler, while darker ones make it warmer.”

Cover Your Windows

When light invades your home, the temperature will rise. By keeping your glass doors and windows covered, you can drastically reduce your energy costs. That said, according to Dugan, curtains and window shades typically don’t prove as effective as reflective covers.

“Reflective solar shades send a lot of sunlight in the opposite direction, which can really help to make your home cooler,” he said. “Solar privacy shades have been proven to lower utility bills by as much as 30 percent in homes that have a lot of windows. Although they are a bit more expensive, in the end, they can save homeowners a considerable amount of cash.”

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