My Flat Stomach: Fat Belly Solution for Weight-loss


As a health and fitness expert, I pride myself on my ability to maintain a healthy, lean body; however, many people are surprised to learn I wasn’t always this way. These days, I have a trim waistline. Unfortunately, years ago I was like many Americans who struggle with love handles and spare tires. Most experts agree that fatty tissue around the midsection is related to insulin spikes; however, recent studies have confused the issue. Before you head to the supermarket this week, learn the fat belly solution that gave me my flat stomach.

Confusing Studies

Recently, a pair of weight-loss studies yielded some interesting results that have some dieters scratching their heads. While most people believe sugary foods tend to encourage weight gain; each of these studies founds the opposite to be true. One, which looked at the effect of sugar on body mass, found that people who consume more sugar aren’t actually any fatter than those who don’t. Instead, it found that total calories worked to determine results, regardless of whether those calories came from whole grains, vegetables or sugar cane. If you’ve asked yourself, why am I not losing weight? You should check out their findings.

Another study sought to find the answer to a common question: does chocolate make you fat? According to the results, the answer is no. Instead, researchers found that dieters who consume more chocolate actually maintain lower body mass indexes than people who don’t.

What’s Going On?

Most fitness experts agree that the fundamental flat belly solution is aerobic exercise combined with cutting calories; however, many people have trouble with certain problem areas, such as the midsection and thighs. This is typically owed to genetics that can cause the body to store fatty tissue in these specific areas. I had such troubles; however, ultimately, I got my flat stomach when I cut out sugar completely. It was that easy. As soon as I did it, I saw very rapid changes. Why? Because sugar leads to big insulin spikes that cause the body to make fat and store it around the midsection.

So why the confusing studies? Well, with the sugar study, the researchers only tested total BMI and not how fat was distributed. So just because sugar-eaters had the same BMI as sugar-avoiders doesn’t mean they didn’t have more fatty tissue around their midsections. In the second study, the researchers found that people who ate dark chocolate maintained better weights. It’s important to note that dark chocolate has far less sugar than milk chocolate, which is also much higher in calories.

Ultimately, if you want a fat belly solution, choose the one that gave me my flat stomach: avoid sugar and start running. Forget the ab workouts which tend to strengthen muscles without encouraging much weight-loss.

By Jake Weathers (13 Posts)

Jake Weathers is's weight-loss and bodybuilding expert.

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