Popular Book Is Getting a Sequel

ad5By Nathaniel Hutchinson

The Girl in the Rabbit Hole has been blowing people’s minds with its thrilling story and shocking plot. Now, fans are freaking out in response to news that a sequel is here.

With an ever-growing fan base, The Girl in the Rabbit Hole has earned considerable praise from critics, such as the Best Book Journal’s Lois McGinty, who calls the book “tense, fascinating and beautifully written.”

Now, like countless other readers, McGinty is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the sequel.

“The first book was really a classic thriller,” says McGinty. “It’s no wonder so many people are excited about a part two. You can count me right along with them.”

Ronald J. Bushwell of the HBC Literary Review agrees, calling the news a really big announcement.

“Although there were rumors that a sequel would be made, no one knew for sure,” he said. “The first book was thrilling, suspenseful and unforgettable. So, we’re all very interested to see what comes next.”

Book Two is available at Amazon right now.

Author RJ Law has also announced he will be releasing a third book in the series sometime this summer.

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