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How to Find the Right Internet Marketing Company

By Nathaniel Hutchinson

Nowadays, it can be hard for businesses to attract new customers unless they have a good web presence. Here’s how to find the right internet marketing company to help you get a higher search engine ranking.

Why it Matters

Research has shown that most people tend to view only the first couple of pages of Google’s search results. This means companies that rank too low to appear on these pages tend to remain unnoticed, no matter how good they are at what they do.

A good search engine optimization company can boost a business’s rankings; however, a disreputable SEO firm could actually do serious harm.

Years ago, SEO professionals used “black hat” tactics to try to fool Google’s algorithms and improve their clients’ rankings. Nowadays, Google is watching closely for these tricks, and if your local internet marketing company uses them, your business will be penalized severely.

Damaging to Businesses

Recently, both and JC Penny received big penalties from Google, thanks to some unethical marketing tactics used by a firm they hired. In the end, both companies saw their rankings drop substantially. It will take years for them to regain their old positions, and millions of dollars will be lost in the meantime.

By ghostwriting on behalf of clients, the right web marketer can promote the clients as experts in their specific fields. This is a very effective strategy because it is exactly how Google wants companies to increase their rankings.

If a firm uses unethical strategies to get your website higher rankings, you will be caught; make no mistake. When this occurs, the search engine optimization firm will keep your money, and you will be left to endure the consequences.

Choosing an Internet Marketing Company

Business owners should look for two main qualities when hiring someone to market their local businesses online.

First, you must ask how they will promote your company. If they won’t tell you, be wary. Nowadays, the best way to enhance rankings is by generating content in the form of informative on-site and off-site articles.

Be sure the internet marketing company employs a staff of experienced, professional journalists that specialize in writing newsworthy features that promote their clients’ businesses. These features attract links to websites, which inevitably boosts their rankings.

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