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How to Save Money Each Month Using Credit Cards

By Nathaniel Hutchinson

Contrary to popular belief, credit cards can help consumers keep more cash, as long as they utilize them appropriately. Here’s how you can use your cards to save money.

Where is Your Cash Going?

Most people waste a lot of cash paying monthly interest fees on their credit cards. If you could eliminate these fees by paying off your balance; you’d be shocked at how many hundreds of dollars wind up in your pocket. Unfortunately, high interest fees can make this very difficult. If you have the right credit card, however, you can eliminate your balance much quicker.

Save Money Every Month

Balance transfer credit cards allow consumers to move money from a high-interest account to one that charges zero interest. During this six-month promotional period, every dime you pay toward your card goes to the overall balance. By avoiding costly interest fees, you are able to zero-out your balance at a much faster rate. Once your account is paid off, those costly interest charges you have been paying each month will be gone; and you will be able to pocket some extra cash.

Finding the Right Card

Although balance transfer cards typically offer zero to low interest rates for a relatively long promotional period; they do charge transfer fees that can eat into your savings. Fortunately, a recent survey reports that these fees have dropped 12 percent over the past year, making these offers far more valuable than ever. That said, offers tend to vary substantially; so it’s important that you compare plans to find zero or low interest rate credit cards with the lowest upfront fees.

Save More with Rewards

You can also save money each month by taking advantage of rewards credit cards. Many of these offers provide consumers with cash-back on everyday purchases; while others offer gas rebates and steep discounts on airfare, hotel stays and specific brands of products. Just be sure to pay off your balance every month to avoid interest charges that will siphon away your savings.

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