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Why a College Football Playoff Will Ruin the Game

As most every college football fan knows by now, the leaders of the sport are currently banging their heads together, trying to come up with a four-team playoff system that will crown a legitimate national champion, while lining the right pockets at the same time.

Although most fans agree a playoff system is what’s best for the sport, a few still shudder at the idea. Worried that a four-team tournament will render all other bowls meaningless, they’ve long argued against such a plan, claiming that it will devalue the regular season and place undue burdens on student athletes.

Most realists agree that these excuses aren’t founded in reality; and to the delight of many long-suffering college football fans, there actually seems to be a very good chance they will see a playoff of some kind within the next two to three years.

Unfortunately, although a playoff may very well be the best thing to happen to NCAA football, most fans and analysts have failed to examine the impact it will have on the sport’s storied history.

The Pre-playoff Era

Two to three years from now, when fans finally get their wish; you can expect the television ratings for the inaugural NCAA football playoff to break records. Afterward, we’ll have the first so-called legitimate national champion the sport has ever seen. Unfortunately for past champions, their achievements will be devalued instantly.

Did your team win a national championship in the 1990s? It won’t matter. Once teams are actually forced to start earning their trophies, you might as well place asterisks next to everything that happened before. Soon, this period will become known as the “Pre-playoff Era” – and that you can take to the bank.

Remember the “Pre-Super Bowl Era,” when Bart Starr led the Green Bay Packers to multiple NFL championships and the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns were perennial title contenders? Of course you don’t. Such will be the case with the Pre-playoff Era in college football.

Change at a Price

Change is usually a good thing; however, it often comes at a price. While the new playoff era will most certainly bring fresh excitement to the sport; it will also cast a big shadow on everything that has come before. To all you Alabama fans celebrating last season’s national championship win: enjoy it before it turns to dust.