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Vancouver Tourism: Hot Travel Destinations for 2012

Vancouver tourism is not what it used to be. With its forested waterfronts, rugged mountains and pebbled beaches, this city is still an outdoorsman’s dream. It’s also a startlingly beautiful, glassy city that’s fast becoming one of the more popular travel destinations in the world. If you like fishing, whale watching, skiing, bungee jumping, eco-tours and skydiving, Vancouver may be your dream come true. If, on the other hand, you’re like me and enjoy relaxing scenic strolls and electric night life, you won’t be disappointed either.

Granville Island

Formerly an industrial wasteland, Granville Island is now a vibrant energetic part of Vancouver, with a rich blend of live theaters, restaurants and bars. While strolling through the area, I enjoyed the aromas of seafood, freshly-baked bread and fragrant seasonings; and I loved the public market, which featured a wide array of produce, crafts and flowers. I recommend snagging a seat outside; so you can sit back and enjoy street musicians while you’re eating. Just remember to protect your food from all the aggressive seagulls.


I was surprised to learn that Vancouver is home to the third largest Chinatown in North America. Though plucked chickens, pig snouts and the smell if steamed wantons may not be everyone’s bag, I found the cultural experience enriching.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Why spend money on a horror flick when you can scare yourself silly for free by crossing this 450-foot-long, 230-foot-high swaying extension bridge that spans the chasm of the Capilano River? I almost passed out, but the memory was worth the terror.

Kitsilano Beach

In the summer months, “Kits Beach” is buzzing with energy; as sun worshipers fill the sand and water with vibrant activity. Gigantic logs offer natural perches for watching the ships come to port. There’s also a heated exterior saltwater pool, a concession stand and plenty of grass fields for athletic endeavors.


When the sun sets, Vancouver’s vibe changes a bit. There are plenty of good bars and clubs throughout the city, offering all sorts of music and varying atmospheres. I had a blast at The Tonic Club, with its 17-foot long bar and balcony-like venues. Formerly known as the Paradise Theatre, this renovated venue now offers three stories of dance floors that mainly feature hip-hop and Latin music. I also enjoyed Richards on Richards, which provides more of a fancy, dark relaxing atmosphere.