Weight Loss Dependent on Long-term Attitude

Obese woman (photo by Mallinaltzin)

Obesity is a common problem in America, where fast food and sugary snacks can be found in bulk around nearly every urban corner. Nutritional supplement companies have made a killing marketing fad diet products that typically yield little to no results. Even when people are able to shed unwanted weight, they tend to gain it back once their motivation spike tails downward. Before you try another gimmick or throw your hands up in frustration, learn why weight loss is so dependent on having a long-term attitude.

The Motivation Spike

More often than not, people decide to lose weight in response to a life event. For many, this can be a health scare; for others, it may be a seasonal or social event, such as a reunion or bikini season. At this point, motivation spikes, and gym memberships fly off the shelves. Unfortunately, this artificially-induced kick in the rear is usually fleeting. Once it goes away, people almost always fall back into old habits.

Changing Habits

The only way to encourage long-term weight loss is to make lifestyle changes you can realistically maintain for years. Instead of going on a crash diet centered on eating strange foods, you’d be much better served if you focused on eating foods that promote a healthy weight. This means eating tasty, fibrous and protein-rich meals, such as lean chicken, turkey and whole grain foods.

These foods are ideal for promoting leaner bodies, because they have low glycemic indexes. A high protein, low GI diet has proved to encourage weight loss by preventing insulin spikes and encouraging stomach satiety.

If you want a reasonable chance at a leaner body, your best bet is to forget a short-term approach and adopt a long-term strategy you can live with. Instead of starving yourself or sacrificing foods you love, create a menu consisting of tasty foods that are high in protein and fiber and low in fat and high GI foods.

By Jake Weathers (13 Posts)

Jake Weathers is KingofHowTo.com's weight-loss and bodybuilding expert.

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