Weight Loss Programs that Actually Work

By Paul A. Achoa

To lose unwanted fat at a fast rate, you must consume far fewer calories than you burn. Unfortunately, many overweight people tend to starve themselves with nutritionally-deficient crash diets that leave them hungry and miserable. Ideally, the best quick weight loss diets should make you lose fat, while diminishing hunger pains and providing adequate nutrition. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, but you have to choose wisely when creating your dieting menu.

The Wrong Diet Plan

If you’re trying to lose weight fast, you must avoid simple carbohydrates. Fruits, sugary snacks, starchy vegetables and white bread and rice don’t just have a lot of calories; they trigger big spikes in your blood insulin levels.

When your insulin levels jump, your brain signals your body to store fat. Additionally, because the big spikes don’t last very long; these foods tend to leave you feeling hungry after a short amount of time.

The Right Diet Plan

Quick weight loss diets shouldn’t center on food deprivation. Instead, they should be designed around foods that encourage satiety (fullness) and speed metabolism. Lean meats are a very important part of any dieting plan, because they contain protein which signals the body to burn fat instead of creating it. High-fiber whole grains and vegetables, such as leafy greens, cucumbers and cauliflower are also good additions to a fast weight loss dieting plan because they are low in calories and contain lots of fiber, which promotes fullness and keeps insulin levels low.

The Best Diet Foods

Lots of people have suggestions on how you can speed weight loss; however, it’s critical that you couple any sort of fast weight loss tips with good diet foods that will promote fullness, keep blood insulin levels low and provide strong nutritional value. Quick weight loss diets don’t have to involve excessive hunger and nutritional deficiencies. Instead, you can enjoy a diet rich in lean meats, such as baked turkey, fish and chicken, and whole grains and vegetables, such as brown rice, steamed broccoli and fresh cucumbers. Because these foods are packed with low-calorie, filling protein and fiber, you can eat surprisingly high quantities and still end up losing weight fast without having to starve.

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