Which Home Renovations Add Value? (And Which Ones Don’t)

Some targeted renovations can add equity to your home, allowing you to ask for more money when it comes time to sell. If you want to improve your home while making it more valuable, learn which home renovations actually increase property value.

Upgrades that Don’t Add Value

If you’re going to get a home improvement loan to enhance your property, it only makes sense to choose renovations that will increase its worth. Unfortunately, although some home upgrades may have the power to make a house look better; many don’t add any real equity so it’s important invest wisely.

Things like new landscaping, a new swimming pool and fresh carpet won’t help your home sell for more money. Additionally, many people are surprised to learn that high-end renovations sometimes have absolutely no effect on how much a property sells for. This is especially true if you’ve added things, such as media rooms or game rooms, which may only appeal to certain buyers.

Smart Ways to Improve your Home

Functional improvements tend to increase a property’s worth because they often make a house more attractive and efficient. New siding and new windows are attractive to buyers because they make homes more energy-efficient and protect them from the weather. That said, the best home upgrades that add value tend to be additions or room renovations. For instance, by turning a basement into a bedroom or office, you’ll be offering buyers a house they can get more use from.

Home Energy Upgrades

These days, people are interested in energy-efficient properties. The federal government offers tax incentives to homeowners who install specific kinds of windows and various types of green technology. This can help property owners save money while making their houses more valuable. Additionally, one of the easiest ways to add value to your home is to have a generator installed. Even this one small step can increase the appraisal amount of your house and allow you to raise your asking price when you do decide to sell.

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Which Home Renovations Add Value? (And Which Ones Don’t)

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